May 14, 2012

New from AKA the Inline Merlin Autococker Kit

AKA has taken their legendary Merlin body kits and updated it. The New AKA INLINE Merlin has a newly designed front block and 3-way actuating rod so the front pneumatics  are all inline with the marker body. They also have the largest air chamber in any Autococker. This means they use the same 11/16 Tornado valve that was used in the AKA Viking and Excaliber giving them insane consistency and air flow. The Autococker truly revolutionized the game and paved the way towards the modern guns today. Although the Autococker is no longer manufactured in its traditional form; there were tons of aftermarket bodies, accessories, and barrels manufactured for them. AKA took some iniative and released a truly custom Autococker.

These kits include almost everything you'd need to build your own Autococker. Each kit includes:

 -AKA Merlin Body with Dual Spring Loaded Delrin Detents

- AKA Inline Mini Skeletonized Front Block

- AKA Front Block Screw

- Evolution Style P Backblock

- AKA Clamping Feedneck

- .45 Style Frame with Grip panels

- New AKA Center Actuating Rod

- SS Screws and pins

We recommend anodizing or powder coating the body and assembling the whole bit. You'll need the following components to finish your body kit:

*The Belsales Front Pneumatics are not included but available Here*

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