Feb 28, 2012

The New Tippmann Crossover

Tippmann has announced the release of the Crossover Paintball gun. It looks like a repackaged X7 Phenom to me. One really cool feature that it offers  that i don't think any other paintball guns offer is the ability to switch between electronic and mechanical firing on the fly. Check out the full specs and info at Compulsive Paintball.

Feb 6, 2012

The New Bob Long Marq Victory Pumps (MVP) are here and New Deal on the Luxe

We got some of the new Bob Long Marq Victory Pumps (MVP) in this morning and they have surpassed all expectations. I got to shoot it a little today and it is smooth. The only thing i can say bad about it is you can short stroke it if you try to go to fast, but at the same time I was using one finger to pump it when I did it. All in all this has to be one of the nicest pumps I have shot.

Also we have a deal on the DLX Luxe 1.5 paintball guns we have left in stock. For a limited time if you buy a Luxe you can pick one of three free gifts.

1. A Smart Parts/Gog Paintball Freak Insert Kit (all 8 inserts)

2. A DLX Luxe 2.0 Power Core Bolt Kit

3. A DLX Luxe 2.0 Upgrade Board

Just hop on Compulsive Paintball and take your pick. 

Feb 3, 2012

Bob Long MVP Pumps in the Mail

 A heads up to everyone we have a few of the new Bob Long MVP Pump paintball guns on there way to us now. We are not sure what colors but i will get some good pictures and try to make a video when they get here. We are hopping they will be here early next week so everyone that is waiting look out for them.

Also here is a little teaser of other things to come.