Nov 4, 2011

All the new 2012 Dye Gear is in!!

 We just got all the new 2012 Dye Paintball gear in stock. I took a few quick pictures with my phone for you guys. It all looks a lot better in person then in most of the stock photos. We were not able to get as much as we wanted so act fast if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on this gear. Check out all the new 2012 Dye Paintball gear at Compulsive Paintball. I did not get any pictures of the soft goods (head bands, clothing) but if you want me to let me know.

In case you missed it, Tippmann Sports has put together a new promotion where you can win $500 towards your next paintball private game or outing. You can check out this promotion on there Facebook page at As an added bonus, they have a special offer for readers of paintball forums and news sites. When you enter this contest we ask what field you plan to play at. When filling out the field information, simply add in your favorite Paintball forum or news site and if you are chosen we will increase the prize pack by $250 to $750. Good luck, the contest goes until the end of November and you can enter weekly. Also be sure to check out all the great Tippmann stuff over at Compulsive Paintball.