Nov 21, 2011

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A guide to buying Paintball Equipment for the holidays Part 1

A guide to buying Paintball Equipment for the Holidays Part 1
Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun
Dye DM12 Paintball Gun

If you know nothing about the sport of paintball buying a gift for the holidays, or anytime can be highly intimidating. I am going to try and help you get a good idea on what to look at and what a lot of the new hot items are. 

Tippmann Alpha Tactical
First we will start with the big ticket items. A new Paintball Gun/ Paintball Marker will for sure get you all the kudos you are looking for. Most players want the fastest and most reliable paintball marker the can afford but there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a new marker. Is the player new to Paintball or do they have years of experience? The paintballer that has been playing for a while will know what they want and be very opinionated about there choice and it would be best to ask them what they want. For a new player the best thing to do if find out if they want to play in the woods or on a tournament style field. Even though it might not sound like it this will cut you choices by half if not more.

Crossfire 68ci. 4500 psi Compressed Air Tank

Next we will cover the next three items you must have to play paintball. First probably the most obvious, a Paintball Air Source. Here you have two major options. First is C02. C02 tanks are cheap and reusable but a lot of the newer markers will not be able to use c02 due the it being dirty and less consistent. The other type of paintball tank is HPA/Compressed Air/Nitro tank. These tanks are also reusable, very clean, and a lot more consistent  Unlike c02 tanks you can also use compressed air tanks on all paintball markers. 
Dye Rotor Now with FREE quick feed
Invert Halo Too

A good Paintball Loader/Hopper is also a must. For most non-electronic markers like Tippmanns a normal cheap gravity feed hopper will work fine. Most electronic paintball guns have Ir sensors below the feed that will only allow it to shoot when there is a paintball loaded. Because of this a gravity loader will work but you will not be able to shoot fast. With a nice electronic loader you will be able to push your paintball gun to its limits and lover every second of it.  

Proto FP Full Coverage

Paintball Mask are the most important piece of gear you have. I would recommend not cheaping out on this because it keeps you looking pretty and protects you from some serious damage. There is a wide range of paintball mask and all have to meet ASTM standards to be safe. there are also a lot of options like color, and if you would like full head protection or not. You always want you paintball mask to be fit you correctly and dont worry you can buy new replacement lens for all the major brands.

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