May 22, 2012

Just got in some Eclipse Etha Barrel Boost Kits (Two barrel Backs)

We just got in some Eclipse Etha Barrel Boost Kits. With This new boost kit you get a .689 and a .685 Eclipse Shaft 4 barrel barrel backs that will match you Eclipse Etha perfectly. If that is not enough these backs will work with ANY eclipse shaft kit! So you can use them for you Etek, Geo, or even you Ego. Check out Compulsive Paintball and you can get yours for only $49.95. These were special made and when they are gone there is a good chance we wont get more in.

May 21, 2012

New Budget Paintball Mask from Both Empire and Sly

We got a few new Paintball Mask in the last week or so.

First up we have the Sly Annex.

With the Profit paintball mask Sly made a spot for themselves beside all the top end mask like the Dye I4 and Vforce Grill. Now they want to shake up the entry level mask market and have released the Annex. The Annex features dual layer foam so the mask will stay put on your face and be comfortable. If you should take a direct shot to the mask there is angled ventilation to help prevent the shell and paint from hitting your face. They have also included and Thermal Anti-Fog lens and there Patented Quick Release Lens system. They also include a visor for all of you guys who are looking for one. The sly Annex is available in Black, Woodland, Sly Cam, Black Sly Cam, ACU, and Black ACU. All of this and good looks for only $29.95! (camo prints are $36.95)

Next up we will take a look at the new Empire Vidar.

The Vidar paintball mask uses the time tested and proven JT Spectra dual-pane thermal lens system with some major updates. This contoured, flexible paintball mask offers superior coverage and minimal exposure while encouraging paintball deflection. The venting was designed to improve voice projection and airflow. They also include a high quality strap and has silicone beading and hypo-allergenic foam to insure a slip-free fit. If you are a fan of JT paintball mask you will like the new Empire Vidar.

No Matter What Paintball mask you are looking for we will have it at Compulsive Paintball so stop by and take a look.

May 14, 2012

New from AKA the Inline Merlin Autococker Kit

AKA has taken their legendary Merlin body kits and updated it. The New AKA INLINE Merlin has a newly designed front block and 3-way actuating rod so the front pneumatics  are all inline with the marker body. They also have the largest air chamber in any Autococker. This means they use the same 11/16 Tornado valve that was used in the AKA Viking and Excaliber giving them insane consistency and air flow. The Autococker truly revolutionized the game and paved the way towards the modern guns today. Although the Autococker is no longer manufactured in its traditional form; there were tons of aftermarket bodies, accessories, and barrels manufactured for them. AKA took some iniative and released a truly custom Autococker.

These kits include almost everything you'd need to build your own Autococker. Each kit includes:

 -AKA Merlin Body with Dual Spring Loaded Delrin Detents

- AKA Inline Mini Skeletonized Front Block

- AKA Front Block Screw

- Evolution Style P Backblock

- AKA Clamping Feedneck

- .45 Style Frame with Grip panels

- New AKA Center Actuating Rod

- SS Screws and pins

We recommend anodizing or powder coating the body and assembling the whole bit. You'll need the following components to finish your body kit:

*The Belsales Front Pneumatics are not included but available Here*

May 10, 2012

Renegade Paintball Gear has gone LIVE

We have finally got all the vintage Renegade Jerseys and Pants Live on the website. All of them are brand new and look fantastic. I have to say my favorit Jersey that we have listed (there is still some special stuff left) has to be the Foxwood with Olive Sleeves, but just so you know we only have one of these.

There were a few surprises mixed in like the Renegade Hoods with padding. These things are sweet and I'm surprised no one makes anything like this still today. There is a strip of Velcro on the front and you can Velcro it around the back of your head for more of a sandana look or when you are in deep cover you can have full face and head cover to blend in.

There were also some Renegade Gaiters. Gaiters go around the lower part of your legs and hook into your boots or shoes. These will protect your legs from all the heavy brush when you are playing an intense game of woods ball.

I wore this same Jersey  in gray/black ^ over 10 years ago

Make sure you jump on Compulsive Paintball and get yours before they are all gone. These are extreamly limited and will never be made again. 

May 1, 2012

Valken V-Max Loaders On SALE

There is a permanent price drop on all Valken V Maxx Paintball Loaders

Black will now be $79.95

ACU Camo is now $89.95

Marpat Camo is now $89.95

Tiger Stripe is now $89.95

Woodland is now $89.95

V-Cam is now $89.95

At this price the Valken V Maxx is a great deal for a top level paintball loader, so if you need a new paintball loader and want to save a few bucks make sure you check out the Valken V Maxx at Compulsive Paintball