Dec 6, 2011

A Guide to Buying Paintball Equipment for Christmas Part 2

A Guide to Buying Paintball Equipment for the Holidays Part 2

Virtue T-Shirts $12.95
We covered Paintball Guns, Paintball Tanks, Paintball Loaders, and Paintball Mask in part one of the Guide to Paintball Equipment for the Holidays. We are going to start off Part Two with Paintball Clothing. First there are a lot of company's that make nice casual clothing that you can wear all the time. Maybe a virtue tee shirt is what you are looking for and there are plenty to pick from. For headware most players wear a headband or sandana when they play to add some protection.We also offer head wraps and normal hats.

Dye C11 Jersey, Pants, and Mask combo $249.95
 For Paintball Jerseys and Paintball Pants there are a ton of options, some get very expensive but are normally more padded and use better materiel so they wont rip or tear. Now is a great time of year to buy jerseys and pants because all of the new stuff has just been released and you can get last years stuff at a good discount. There are also special deals from some company's like Dye where you can get a pair of pants. a jersey, and a mask at a discounted price. Most people buy there jersey one size larger then what they normally wear and most pants are adjustable so they will fit a range of sizes.

Empire TW Grind chest Protector $52.95
Protective Pads is a category we have seen growing over the last couple of years. It used to be that most people only used a pair of Knee Pads and maybe a set of Elbow Pads. Now there are also the option for Chest Protectors that fit good and don't get in the way and also Slide Shorts. Paintball Gloves help keep your hands from stinging when they get hit and also help you keep a firm grip  on your paintball marker. for gloves there are basically three options. Full finger gloves which will look like normal gloves with more padding.
Valken 2 Finger Glove $29.95
Fingerless gloves which have all the fingers cut out of them.some players prefer these because they are less restrictive. now there are also a few company s that make gloves that have the first to fingers cut out and the rest are still normal.

Paintball Packs or Harnesses are not as hard as they might look at first. the easiest way to do it is to figure out how many tubes they want to carry when they want to play. after you have that figured out then it is really just what color or style they want. we also offer tactical vest that can carry paintball tubes along with a lot of other things, some are even customizable.
Eclipse NXE Pack 3.2.2  $54.95
GXG Ranger Vest  $34.95

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