May 10, 2012

Renegade Paintball Gear has gone LIVE

We have finally got all the vintage Renegade Jerseys and Pants Live on the website. All of them are brand new and look fantastic. I have to say my favorit Jersey that we have listed (there is still some special stuff left) has to be the Foxwood with Olive Sleeves, but just so you know we only have one of these.

There were a few surprises mixed in like the Renegade Hoods with padding. These things are sweet and I'm surprised no one makes anything like this still today. There is a strip of Velcro on the front and you can Velcro it around the back of your head for more of a sandana look or when you are in deep cover you can have full face and head cover to blend in.

There were also some Renegade Gaiters. Gaiters go around the lower part of your legs and hook into your boots or shoes. These will protect your legs from all the heavy brush when you are playing an intense game of woods ball.

I wore this same Jersey  in gray/black ^ over 10 years ago

Make sure you jump on Compulsive Paintball and get yours before they are all gone. These are extreamly limited and will never be made again. 

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