Jul 30, 2012

New Gear bags from Eclipse Paintball

Something i know a lot of you have been waiting for is some new Paintball Gear Bags.Well, Planet Eclipse has answered you with not one new gear bag, but two gear bags, a backpack, and a paintball marker pack.

First we have the Eclipse Split Kitbag.

The Split Kitbag is the most dynamic gar bag from Eclipse to date. With a 60/40 split the new Split Kitbag is really like two bags in one. The lower section is bigger and comes with a firm padded lid to help protect all you expensive gear. On the bottom there is a zippered pocket that holds shoulder straps for when you do not have your hands free or just don't want to drag your nice gear bag though the mud. Eclipse has also included a retractable handle and wheels for when there is not any mud.

Dimensions 13.77 x 25.59 x 15.75 in.
Weight 13.56 lbs.

Next up is the Eclipse Classic Kitbag

With the Classic Kitbag you get two compartments. The first one is massive and will hold all your gear with ease. The second is not as big but work great for separating all the stuff like your mask or loader so the don't get beat up. With Wheels and a retractable handle you wont have any problems getting to your game.

Dimensions 13.38 x 23.28 x 14.17 in.
Weight 13.44 lbs.

Third up is the Gravel Pack

The Eclipse Gravel Backpack has a surprisingly large storage capacity. With adjustable side pockets that can hold your air tank and two adjustable straps that can attach your mask or pack to the outside of the bag.
There is a padded laptop/marker pocket and a music player pocket your earphone port. The Gravel Backpack is ideal for quick trips to catch a few games or just looking sweet when you go out.

Dimensions 11.81 x 19.68 x 10.24 in.
Weight 3.09 lbs.

Last but not least we have the Eclipse Marker Pack

The Eclipse Paintball Gun Pack is perfect for keeping your high end paintball gun safe and sound. In addition to holding your marker there is a 5 piece barrel kit holder. The external zipper pocket to hold all your spares and tools and the whole thing is well padded to keep your expensive gear in good working order. Planet Eclipse has also said that it just happens to perfectly fit some of our more popular tablet devices and includes a shoulder strap.  

Main Compartment Dimensions   7.87 x 11.22 x 2.36 in.
Overall Dimensions 7.87 x 11.22 x 4.72 in.
Weight 1.21 lbs.

So far everything looks great. Make sure you check them out at Compulsive Paintball.

Jul 26, 2012

The New Eclipse Geo3 is in stock

We just got some of the new Eclipse Geo 3 paintball guns. They look great and have a lot of nice features. I snapped some picture of a couple so enjoy.


solenoidThe Geo3 has taken the basic operating principle of the Geo2.1 and completely reworked it. In order to achieve optimum efficiency in a wide range of circumstances it is beneficial to isolate the firing chamber from the gas supply during firing cycle so that no excess gas is lost down the barrel after the ball has exited. The Geo has always incorporated this feature by selectively controlling supply to the firing chamber via the ISCIS (Innovative Solenoid Controlled Isolation System) Valve. The Geo3 incorporates the Second Generation ISCIS Valve, a complete rework of the original principle aiming to improve efficiency and reliability. The main body of the solenoid is now all aluminium. The secondary spool-driven poppet that controls shut-off of the gas supply to the firing chamber during the firing cycle now works independently of the bolt drive side of the solenoid. The new design also no longer utilises the back-check ball or the Purge Control Valve (PCV) of the old Geos which reduces parts count and further improves reliability. The whole mechanism is more reliable and far more robust than the old solenoid. More importantly to some, by reducing losses from the solenoid during the firing cycle there has been an increase in efficiency in the Geo3.


solenoidA great deal has been learnt through the development, testing and subsequent on-field use of the Ego11's adjustable solenoid flow controls. By accurately controlling the flow of the bolt drive exhaust gasses through the solenoid the acceleration and speed of the bolt can be adjusted. Changes in the bolt speed results in changes to feel, sound signature, paint handling, rate of fire and even efficiency. By allowing the user access to this type of adjustment "on-the-fly" with an external adjuster located in the side of the frame means that a player can alter the feel and performance profile of their marker within seconds. In some cases at extreme levels of adjustment there may be need to fine tune the markers dwell to match the required bolt speed, but in general use the BSC adjustment is as simple as dialling in the velocity on the inline regulator.


With players continually wanting to shoot the most fragile paint possible we are constantly striving to improve the way that our markers receive paintballs into them, how the ball Cure Boltis transferred from the breech to the barrel, and how the ball is accelerated down the barrel. We do everything we can to make sure that the paint is handled in the most efficient way possible while still fulfilling all the other criteria required for a modern paintball marker to be competitive. During the loading and firing cycle the bolt plays probably the most crucial role out of all the components in the marker. With the Geo3 we incorporate a uniquely long bolt stroke. Doing this allows us to manipulate the profile and form at the head of the bolt in a significant manner when compared to other bolts and still provide a good breech seal during firing. The Extra stroke length is utilised to provide a shape to the head of the bolt that acts as a gentle interface between both the ball that is being pushed into the breech and the ball that is second in the ball stack, awaiting loading. The Geo3 bolt takes this to the next level with the Cure ST2 Bolt by providing a fully cushioned, rubber bolt head that is used to reduce impact forces on both the ball in the breech and the ball in the stack. It allows paint that would have previously been thought un-shootable to be shot with complete effectiveness. As if that wasn't enough, you will also find the original Cure ST bolt included as standard with the Geo3.


can assemblyThe Geo3 comes with a modified Propshaft and Can Assembly. The propshaft still benefits from the unique spring-loaded Drive Core but modifications to the Propshaft tip improve gas flow through the bolt and past the tip while still keeping the propshaft perfectly concentric within the bolt. This Drive Core prevents air-loss both on the firing stroke of the bolt, leaving residual, previously wasted air trapped in the valve chamber, as well as ensuring the valve chamber is fully sealed prior to re-filling on the return stroke of the bolt. This results in better efficiency and faster recharge of the valve chamber. The new Can and Bolt have previous pressure relief vents that were required for safe degassing of the old ISCIS solenoid removed. The removal of these vents results in less gas wastage per shot.


The Geo3 sees the grip-frame moved up and back over the previous generation bringing the rear hand closer to the barrel axis for an even more natural feel in the hand. Moving the hand higher and further back helps reduce the amount of felt recoil and produces a more stable platform whether firing single shots or in full ramp. The Geo3 trigger has also been borrowed directly from the Ego11 and is 4-way externally adjustable with both magnetic and leaf spring return mechanism and the option of both Opto or micro-switch actuation built in. The frame itself has been strengthened to reduce chances of accidental damage yet still designed to be the primary crumple zone in cases of large impacts.


Following on from successful implementation of a full length grip, pushbutton and display window console on the Ego11 the Geo3 includes its own variation on the theme. A long, soft gripping surface added all the way up the back of the frame right up to the body interface. The Geo3 also includes the Ego11 grips with twin screws per side and their slim, sticky feel.


geo3 body filterThe majority of solenoid and drive-train issues can be completely avoided through proper filtration of the air supply. Unfortunately air provided by fields or events isn't always perfect, so in order to better protect the user’s investment and to ensure that the Geo3 works for longer and better between maintenance stops there is now a replaceable filter captured within the FRM. The filter protects the solenoid unit as well as the bolt, propshaft and can from ingress of dirt and debris from the air supply, POPS, fittings and inline reg.

Make sure you check out Compulsive Paintball for the best deals on the NEW Eclipse Geo 3.

Jul 18, 2012

The Return of the DOO DOO Brown!! Warped Sports Dark AXE)

Leave it up to Warped Sportz to make what everyone is wanting, a REAL private label paintball gun. No lasers, no new gems, this thing is all milling. For anyone who has been in paintball for a while there is no mistaking the Warped Sportz Dark milling. 

Warped Sportz are offering two versions of the Dark Axe.

The Standard edition is milled on the body, fore-grip, and frame. They come in Doo Doo Brown, Purple, Lime Green, White, and Turquoise. They also all have black parts.

The PRO edition includes a Empire RedLine OLED front grip/board, Empire Nano feed neck, and two Lucky 15 barrels (.685 and .689). On the Pro the body,redline fore-grip, frame and Relay regulator are all milled. All the parts are anodized the same color on the pro also. The Pro is available in Doo Doo Brown and White Lighting. 

On both models Warped Sportz milled the tang area on the back of the frame and created a modified backstrap for better fell while holding the Axe. They also thinned and radiused the bottom part of the trigger guard to remove all the sharp corners.

It is hard not to like this paintball gun even if you do not like the Empire Axe and hopefully more manufactures will take note and see what a real PL gun is all about. 

The Warped Sportz Dark Axe is available at  Compulsive Paintball now.