Jul 18, 2012

The Return of the DOO DOO Brown!! Warped Sports Dark AXE)

Leave it up to Warped Sportz to make what everyone is wanting, a REAL private label paintball gun. No lasers, no new gems, this thing is all milling. For anyone who has been in paintball for a while there is no mistaking the Warped Sportz Dark milling. 

Warped Sportz are offering two versions of the Dark Axe.

The Standard edition is milled on the body, fore-grip, and frame. They come in Doo Doo Brown, Purple, Lime Green, White, and Turquoise. They also all have black parts.

The PRO edition includes a Empire RedLine OLED front grip/board, Empire Nano feed neck, and two Lucky 15 barrels (.685 and .689). On the Pro the body,redline fore-grip, frame and Relay regulator are all milled. All the parts are anodized the same color on the pro also. The Pro is available in Doo Doo Brown and White Lighting. 

On both models Warped Sportz milled the tang area on the back of the frame and created a modified backstrap for better fell while holding the Axe. They also thinned and radiused the bottom part of the trigger guard to remove all the sharp corners.

It is hard not to like this paintball gun even if you do not like the Empire Axe and hopefully more manufactures will take note and see what a real PL gun is all about. 

The Warped Sportz Dark Axe is available at  Compulsive Paintball now.