Nov 3, 2011

Battle Tested TM-15 LE

Be sure check out the new Battle Tested (BT) TM-15 Limited Edition. The BT TM-15 is an excellent choice for any woodsball or mil-sim paintball enthusiast. Its high performance body is strong, yet light enough in weight for all-day action. Equipped with features usually found on much more expensive markers, the BT TM-15 features a true electropneumatic operating system as well as reduced sound signature for stealth firing in any of the multiple firing modes. With the standard multiple Picatinny rails, accessory options are nearly endless. Internal airline operation eliminates external hoses. Plus, front and rear sights ensure you get your shot. Check it out at Compulsive Paintball.

Limited Edition "Z" VForce Grill

The all new Vforce Grill Z paintball mask is a true Limited edition with only 800 in production. If that was not enough exclusivity for you no two will be the same. That is right they are all different. We just got some in stock and i have to say they look better in person then i thought they would. Stop by Compulsive Paintball - Grill Z to check them out!

Vforce Duel Pane Thermal Lens !!

The day all you Vforce fans have been waiting for is now here. Make sure you are sitting down.

That is right, available for all Vforce masks the new duel pane thermal lens will allow you to use the paintball mask you love without ever having to worry about fogging up again. Check them all  out at Compulsive Paintball

2012 Dye Matrix or the "DM12"

For 2012 Dye has released a new and improved Matrix. The big change is the "Icon Quick Release Bolt System" which uses magnets to allow you to remove the bolt system without the aid of any tools. Add in the tool less grips and you should be able to do all the routine maintenance with any tools at all. Be sure to check out all the new features along with the new insane color schemes at Compulsive Paintball