May 21, 2012

New Budget Paintball Mask from Both Empire and Sly

We got a few new Paintball Mask in the last week or so.

First up we have the Sly Annex.

With the Profit paintball mask Sly made a spot for themselves beside all the top end mask like the Dye I4 and Vforce Grill. Now they want to shake up the entry level mask market and have released the Annex. The Annex features dual layer foam so the mask will stay put on your face and be comfortable. If you should take a direct shot to the mask there is angled ventilation to help prevent the shell and paint from hitting your face. They have also included and Thermal Anti-Fog lens and there Patented Quick Release Lens system. They also include a visor for all of you guys who are looking for one. The sly Annex is available in Black, Woodland, Sly Cam, Black Sly Cam, ACU, and Black ACU. All of this and good looks for only $29.95! (camo prints are $36.95)

Next up we will take a look at the new Empire Vidar.

The Vidar paintball mask uses the time tested and proven JT Spectra dual-pane thermal lens system with some major updates. This contoured, flexible paintball mask offers superior coverage and minimal exposure while encouraging paintball deflection. The venting was designed to improve voice projection and airflow. They also include a high quality strap and has silicone beading and hypo-allergenic foam to insure a slip-free fit. If you are a fan of JT paintball mask you will like the new Empire Vidar.

No Matter What Paintball mask you are looking for we will have it at Compulsive Paintball so stop by and take a look.

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