Dec 28, 2011

Sale Ends 12/31/2011 and Check Out some New Deals

GI Sportz ran an insane video on their new pods.  As soon as we got these in we knew they were unlike any other pod, but blasting them with a shotgun is pretty wild!  So we pose the question to you... is the additional durability of the GI pods worth the additional price that they cost?  Tell us what you think!

Dec 16, 2011

New Ego Alert

We are getting in some Dynasty Championship Ego 11s. We should have them on Thursday 12/22/2011.

There are only 20 being made and we have one sold already so if you want one act fast. Check the out at Compulsive Paintball.

Seventh Element OLED boards in stock


Seventh Element has been quietly working hard to change the aftermarket board market and now they are making waves. With the release of the new Pathfinder OLED boards Seventh Element is setting standards. Starting at only $64.95 for a full featured OLED board and the option to use a class 2 Bluetooth upgrade and Dye Rotor board. You will be able to pair your Paintball gun and Dye Rotor and do some cool stuff like use your rotor led as a "heads up display" and tell you whats going on with the eyes in your marker, you can adjust the settings for your loader from your paintball gun, and it will not only show a battery meter for your paintball gun but it will also tell you the battery level of your Dye Rotor. Right now the Etek 3, Dangerous Powers G4, and Dye Ultralight boards are available but there will be many more soon to come. If the Pathfinder OLED is to much for you to handle they also make normal LED replacement boards for only $34.95!! Check out Seventh Element on Compulsive Paintball for all the features.

Dec 12, 2011

Virtue Clock Chronograph ON ITS WAY and only $184.95!!

More info on the Virtue Clock Chronograph has been released and we should be getting them tomorrow.

There is Also a new price $184.95. Make sure you check them out they look nice.

Dec 9, 2011

Dye Rotor Price Change Until we are out of stock !

The sale on Dye Rotors went so well we have decided to keep them at the $149.95 price until they are gone. grab yours fast or you might miss out.  

Dec 7, 2011

Bob Long Texas Storm G6R with OLED

 We just got in some of the new 2012 Bob Long Texas Storm G6R with OLED board and I know all you guys like these new paintball guns, so I'm going to get you some pictures even before we have them on the website. They look great !! If your looking for a G6R with a custom twist this might be for you. Let me know what you think and we should have more colors coming in so be sure to check at Compulsive Paintball for the new ones.

Dec 6, 2011

A Guide to Buying Paintball Equipment for Christmas Part 2

A Guide to Buying Paintball Equipment for the Holidays Part 2

Virtue T-Shirts $12.95
We covered Paintball Guns, Paintball Tanks, Paintball Loaders, and Paintball Mask in part one of the Guide to Paintball Equipment for the Holidays. We are going to start off Part Two with Paintball Clothing. First there are a lot of company's that make nice casual clothing that you can wear all the time. Maybe a virtue tee shirt is what you are looking for and there are plenty to pick from. For headware most players wear a headband or sandana when they play to add some protection.We also offer head wraps and normal hats.

Dye C11 Jersey, Pants, and Mask combo $249.95
 For Paintball Jerseys and Paintball Pants there are a ton of options, some get very expensive but are normally more padded and use better materiel so they wont rip or tear. Now is a great time of year to buy jerseys and pants because all of the new stuff has just been released and you can get last years stuff at a good discount. There are also special deals from some company's like Dye where you can get a pair of pants. a jersey, and a mask at a discounted price. Most people buy there jersey one size larger then what they normally wear and most pants are adjustable so they will fit a range of sizes.

Empire TW Grind chest Protector $52.95
Protective Pads is a category we have seen growing over the last couple of years. It used to be that most people only used a pair of Knee Pads and maybe a set of Elbow Pads. Now there are also the option for Chest Protectors that fit good and don't get in the way and also Slide Shorts. Paintball Gloves help keep your hands from stinging when they get hit and also help you keep a firm grip  on your paintball marker. for gloves there are basically three options. Full finger gloves which will look like normal gloves with more padding.
Valken 2 Finger Glove $29.95
Fingerless gloves which have all the fingers cut out of them.some players prefer these because they are less restrictive. now there are also a few company s that make gloves that have the first to fingers cut out and the rest are still normal.

Paintball Packs or Harnesses are not as hard as they might look at first. the easiest way to do it is to figure out how many tubes they want to carry when they want to play. after you have that figured out then it is really just what color or style they want. we also offer tactical vest that can carry paintball tubes along with a lot of other things, some are even customizable.
Eclipse NXE Pack 3.2.2  $54.95
GXG Ranger Vest  $34.95

If you would like some one on one help just give us a call at 412-896-1653.
Also just as a reminder we still have a holiday promotion for 10% off !!

Dec 2, 2011

2012 Bob Long G6r Oled IN STOCK


 Just got in some of the new 2012 bob Long G6r OLED paintball guns. I made a quick video for all you guys. It is pretty much the same great paintball gun as the old G6r but with the OLED board and a Cam Drive on/off. I like the board a lot its super simple to set up and adjust after the fact. If you were thinking about picking up one of the old G6Rs you might want to give this one a look. For more detailed information make sure you check out Compulsive Paintball.

Nov 30, 2011

SLIK Autococker Parts

We once thought that the old SLIK Products wouldn't see the light of day again.  By happen-chance we've come across a small treasure trove of original SLIK components.  These are arguably some of the best aftermarket Autococker parts ever manufactured.  We had a ton of demand for them when they disappeared and a lot of disappointed customers (much as we've had with the MTX MQ Valves).  We have a LIMITED quantity of these components in stock.  You've been warned; we will never have these parts in stock again.  If you missed them a few years ago then don't make the same mistake!

Check all the remaining SLIK Products out on our website!

Nov 29, 2011

More Time for the Best Deal in Paintball

We had such a good response with our “Black Friday” we are going keep the best deal in paintball  going!

Make sure you use the Coupon Code 
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Dye/Proto, Eclipse and other map products do not qualify.

Not only do we offer some of the best prices in paintball but we are also giving you an additional 10% off your order.

Make sure you stop by Compulsive Paintball for all of your holiday paintball shopping. 

Nov 22, 2011

Paintball Deals to look for

Make sure you take a few seconds out of your Turkey day (hint hint) to see if we got some new deals on .....

You can also get a free Empire Event mask with any Empire paintball gun or BT paintball gun 

Nov 21, 2011

Don't wait! Get Black Friday deals NOW!

We're going to be rolling out GREAT deals all week at Compulsive!  We don't want to make ANYONE wait for the weekend when we can offer these deals NOW!  We have over 400 products that are DEEPLY discounted.  Most of these items are at or below our cost!  These deals are good only while supplies last.  You've been warned!  Don't wait!

Check out all our newest products here:

Check out all our super sale items here:

A guide to buying Paintball Equipment for the holidays Part 1

A guide to buying Paintball Equipment for the Holidays Part 1
Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun
Dye DM12 Paintball Gun

If you know nothing about the sport of paintball buying a gift for the holidays, or anytime can be highly intimidating. I am going to try and help you get a good idea on what to look at and what a lot of the new hot items are. 

Tippmann Alpha Tactical
First we will start with the big ticket items. A new Paintball Gun/ Paintball Marker will for sure get you all the kudos you are looking for. Most players want the fastest and most reliable paintball marker the can afford but there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a new marker. Is the player new to Paintball or do they have years of experience? The paintballer that has been playing for a while will know what they want and be very opinionated about there choice and it would be best to ask them what they want. For a new player the best thing to do if find out if they want to play in the woods or on a tournament style field. Even though it might not sound like it this will cut you choices by half if not more.

Crossfire 68ci. 4500 psi Compressed Air Tank

Next we will cover the next three items you must have to play paintball. First probably the most obvious, a Paintball Air Source. Here you have two major options. First is C02. C02 tanks are cheap and reusable but a lot of the newer markers will not be able to use c02 due the it being dirty and less consistent. The other type of paintball tank is HPA/Compressed Air/Nitro tank. These tanks are also reusable, very clean, and a lot more consistent  Unlike c02 tanks you can also use compressed air tanks on all paintball markers. 
Dye Rotor Now with FREE quick feed
Invert Halo Too

A good Paintball Loader/Hopper is also a must. For most non-electronic markers like Tippmanns a normal cheap gravity feed hopper will work fine. Most electronic paintball guns have Ir sensors below the feed that will only allow it to shoot when there is a paintball loaded. Because of this a gravity loader will work but you will not be able to shoot fast. With a nice electronic loader you will be able to push your paintball gun to its limits and lover every second of it.  

Proto FP Full Coverage

Paintball Mask are the most important piece of gear you have. I would recommend not cheaping out on this because it keeps you looking pretty and protects you from some serious damage. There is a wide range of paintball mask and all have to meet ASTM standards to be safe. there are also a lot of options like color, and if you would like full head protection or not. You always want you paintball mask to be fit you correctly and dont worry you can buy new replacement lens for all the major brands.

For one on one help just give us a call at 412-896-1653


Nov 18, 2011

Planet Eclipse Etha IN STOCK NOW!!! Lots of pictures

The Eclipse Etha Is finally here and Wow this thing is amazing.This is the first paintball gun I have seen in a long time that got me excited. The bolt looks like a simple yet a brilliant design which normally equals success. If I was in the market for a new paintball gun this would be it without question. The Eclipse Etha is the best cheap paintball gun out as long as it shoots link I'm told it will. I got some pictures for you guys with my cell again. Let me know what you think. For more detailed specs check out Compulsive Paintball.

Nov 17, 2011

The Virtue Paintball Clock Chrono

The most advanced Paintball Chronograph has hit the market. the Virtue Clock will do everything except shoot your paintball gun for you. In addition to telling you what speed your paintball gun is shooting it will show you how many balls per second(bps) you are shooting, your average bps, it will keep the last 10 shoots in memory so you can see how constant your paintball gun is. The Virtue Clock Chronograph also has two timers, one game timer, and one brake timer, so you should be able to run a xball style game. There is a tri-pod mount, a dove tail mount, and a sling mount if you do not want to hold it.There is a spot in the grip that can hold two alien keys for quick velocity changes. The Virtue Clock Chronograph also has a RF chip that will send all this information to a computer! Make sure to check it out at Compulsive Paintball.

Nov 16, 2011

KM Valken V-max Spine

Valken V-max Spline
KM Straps has been working hard to get the V-Max Spine finished and it's nearly there... Just a few more tweaks and improvements and you should be able to find it from a local dealer sometime early 2012. Make sure you check back at Compulsive Paintball to see when it is in.

New Bob Long Pump Gun MVP

The Marq Victory Pump is on its way to prime time. Should be one of the craziest pump guns ever made. Internal regulator, 1400 shots off a 68/45 tank, and one of the fastest auto-triggers you can get. When it gets released you can bet it will be at Compulsive Paintball.

Nov 14, 2011

Another great sale on Eclipse Clothing!

And another sale to make room for more new clothing is for the 2011 Eclipse Gear.  You can find great deals on Eclipse 2011 Pants and Jerseys!  Check out the Jerseys here and the Pants here!

Proto Menace Gear Closeout!

The Proto 2011 Menace Gear is all on sale!  This is another sale that is good only while supplies last.  The Menace Jerseys are only $34.95 and pants are only $79.95!  You can find ALL the Menace Gear here!