Apr 27, 2012

The true old school is back but limited

Dont ask us how but we were able to get our hands on some boxes of "Vintage" Smart Parts and Renegade Gear !!

I snapped a few quick pictures of some of the stuff while we were going though it to get your juices flowing.

Get ready 
Keep a watch out on Compulsive Paintball for us to get them listed. 

Apr 3, 2012

Smart Parts Ion V2

This is your last chance to buy one of the most influential paintball guns ever made. We are starting to run low on our stock of Smart Parts Ions and have just lowered the price. Get yours now for only $174.95. They have also been upgraded with improvements that everyone will like. In addition to all the standard features you will get a improved plastic on/off button so you do not have to worry about the sticker falling off, a low profile feed tube, the more consistent and easier to adjust Max flow R regulator, a new style ASA adapter and a new style barrel. All of the paintball guns we sell are brand new and have never been used. Make sure you stop by Compulsive Paintball and check them out.