Aug 14, 2012

Ninja Paintball has a new Bottle Warranty

Ninja Paintball would like to announce a change to our Bottle Warranty Program. If you have a Ninja bottle that develops a crack in the outer gel coat, you can now have these warrantied directly from the bottle manufacturer. We apologize for the delay while we worked on a better solution with our bottle manufacturer but we feel everyone will be much happier with this new program.

Ninja has gone to bat for our stores, fields, and players and implemented a better procedure for handling the returns. The bottle manufacturer has agreed to pay for the shipping to get the bottles to them and to get the bottles back to you. This means there is no out of pocket expense to you or the player. To process a warranty claim on a defective gel coat bottle, please click the link below.

Bottle Warranty Program

Make sure to read the section for Bottle Warranty Information and then click the Bottle Warranty Link. The link will take you to the website where you will input your contact information and information related to your particular bottle and then you will be given the option to print a UPS label. As your bottle moves through the warranty program, you will be updated via email on when they receive your bottle and when it ships back to you, along with a tracking number.

Although Ninja is not the manufacturer of the cylinder, Ninja apologizes for this inconvenience and Ninja will repair bottle at no cost to you. If you have any questions, please contact your Ninja representative for more information. Kind regards,
Ninja Staff