Jun 14, 2012

New Virtue "Spire"?

So we got an email this morning from Virtue Paintball that read.

"We've started the marketing for our new Spire product line that we'll debut soon.  By far the biggest and best thing we've ever done."

The Virtue Spire line is the culmination of all of our prior product development at Virtue Paintball. The technologies used from our Virtue upgrades and products over the past few years are reflected in this new Virtue product line, code-named "Spire".

Based on the responses in this form, Virtue will select 5 players to make up our Elite 5.

As one of 5 Elite Sponsored players, you will receive one of the top secret Virtue products from the Spire line (as well as some other Virtue sponsorship items) on the day of it's launch. In a sense, each of the Elite 5, will be the first players in the world to get their hands on a production model of the new product.

We will notify the Elite 5 in approximately 8 weeks.


So far this is all that anyone knows for sure. but as you all know it is fun to guess at what they will be releasing. So...........

 A new Virtue Loader with Clock integration?

Or maybe a new Virtue Jersey with Clock integration?