Jan 30, 2012

Tactics and TAZERS!!!!!

Is this the future of Sport? 

General Game Play:

UTB is a full contact team sport. Points are scored when a 24 inch ball(?) is thrown or carried into the opponent’s goal. The match consists of three (3) periods of seven (7) minutes each, with 3minutes in between, resulting in a minimum of 21 minutes of actual match play in regulation time. If teams are tied after regulation play, they will play an overtime period, consisting of three (3) minutes. If either team fails to score in overtime, they will then play 1on 1 with no time limit and unlimited shocking allowed. Teams will switch sides after each period in regulation time. The winner will be determined based on the highest score after regulation, including any overtime or 1 on 1 unlimited time sessions.

Timeouts: 1 per team per period. injury uses timeout, officials timeout following, time stops with penalties.

Team Format:7 players per team (option), including open substitution during match play, to include overtime, but not to include the 1 on 1 play following a scoreless overtime period (intention…similar to hockey). The game will be refereed by at least three officials, consisting of at least one head referee and two assisting officials.

Field Regulations: The field will be an astro turf 200’ x 85’ rectangle. Shock Zones will be established in an eight-foot semi circle around each goal. The field will be set up in the traditional 200 by 85 foot rectangle with standard indoor soccer goals on either end. A single defender can inhabit the Shock Zone for any length of time, while any additional defender(s) must only remain in this zone for no more than 3 seconds. Additional, the only offensive player that can inhabit this zone must have possession of the ball. If a Shock Zone violation occurs, the possession of the ball will be turned over to the opposing team, the clock will stop, and play will resume at the sound of the referee’s whistle.

Let me know when you are ready to sign up and we can get a team together.


Anonymous said...

Is Compulsive really looking into starting a UTB team?

impusek2 said...

Depends, can we use cattle prods ?

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