Jan 20, 2012

Earn Points, Get Discounts, Earn More Points, Get More Discounts

I just want to let everyone know that when you buy from Compulsive Paintball you are getting discounts! We wanted to create a REAL reward and incentive program for our loyal customers. Other site's rewards and "VIP" programs charge an up front fee and in some cases even an annual renewal?! These programs also have limitations on what their program includes. At Compulsive Paintball; our Rewards program has no limitations and no cost! Like we said; we did this for YOU! Not only do you earn points from buying all the paintball gear you would normally buy but we will also give you points for writing product reviews, answering questions from other users about products, and submitting your own product images for us to use on the website. So all that Christmas shopping you did have earned you a discount! If you can help someone out with a question, you just got a discount! Want to show off you sick new paintball gun, you just got another discount!

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hounddog55 said...

Sweet thank you guys!!!!

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