Dec 16, 2011

Seventh Element OLED boards in stock


Seventh Element has been quietly working hard to change the aftermarket board market and now they are making waves. With the release of the new Pathfinder OLED boards Seventh Element is setting standards. Starting at only $64.95 for a full featured OLED board and the option to use a class 2 Bluetooth upgrade and Dye Rotor board. You will be able to pair your Paintball gun and Dye Rotor and do some cool stuff like use your rotor led as a "heads up display" and tell you whats going on with the eyes in your marker, you can adjust the settings for your loader from your paintball gun, and it will not only show a battery meter for your paintball gun but it will also tell you the battery level of your Dye Rotor. Right now the Etek 3, Dangerous Powers G4, and Dye Ultralight boards are available but there will be many more soon to come. If the Pathfinder OLED is to much for you to handle they also make normal LED replacement boards for only $34.95!! Check out Seventh Element on Compulsive Paintball for all the features.

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