Nov 17, 2011

The Virtue Paintball Clock Chrono

The most advanced Paintball Chronograph has hit the market. the Virtue Clock will do everything except shoot your paintball gun for you. In addition to telling you what speed your paintball gun is shooting it will show you how many balls per second(bps) you are shooting, your average bps, it will keep the last 10 shoots in memory so you can see how constant your paintball gun is. The Virtue Clock Chronograph also has two timers, one game timer, and one brake timer, so you should be able to run a xball style game. There is a tri-pod mount, a dove tail mount, and a sling mount if you do not want to hold it.There is a spot in the grip that can hold two alien keys for quick velocity changes. The Virtue Clock Chronograph also has a RF chip that will send all this information to a computer! Make sure to check it out at Compulsive Paintball.