Aug 3, 2012

The Valken Proton has Landed.

Valken's new entry to the paintball gun market has come in. I was surprised at how nice this marker feels. I have never been a big fan of the Invert Mini or Empire Axe paintball guns because they feel to small. i was expecting the same from the new Valken Proton but i was wrong. The weight and size of the two guns are vary close but the one thing that makes the Proton fell a lot better to me is the front grip is extended out from the rear grip more then the Mini or Axe. This eliminates the super small fell that the Axe and Mini have and I love the fell of it.

With the Valken Proton paintball gun you get

  • Five Mode of Fire - Semi-Automatic, Three Shot Burst, Full Automatic, and Two types of Rampping.
  • Brake-Beam Eyes with Eye Shields that prevent dirt and paint from getting to the sensors.
  • Easy to Maintenance with Tool-less Bolt disassembly
  • Ultra-Smooth Dual-Bearing Trigger with Four way Adjustments.
  • Aggressive Body Milling and Styling
  • Autococker Barrel Threads
  • Cam-Lock Clamping Feed Neck
  • On/Off ASA with Air Purge
  • Adjustable Regulator inside the Grip Frame
  • No external Air Lines or Hoses
  • New Style "Push/Pull" on/off Button
As you can see the Valken Proton is a fully loaded paintball gun that should preform extremely well out of the box. With many features of the high end paintball guns like the Dye DM12 and Eclipse Ego, but at less then half the cost.

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